Have you found

the joy in your life?

Are you fulfilling

your life's potential?

Are you fulfilling

your life's potential?

Are you fulfilling

your life's potential?


Where you are seen, heard, and understood

One wild and precious life…

We help you live your best life, ignite your full potential, be happier and more successful, be healthier and wealthier, and leave a Legacy that lets you know your life really made a difference. We help you, your family and friends, and your work colleagues to have more meaning and purpose, more fun and freedom, and more influence and impact in the world. We help you make your life really count.

On Knowing Happiness

In this Soul Biography creative genius Nic Askew captures the soul of our Founder, Kathryn Temple.

You can find more of his work at www.soulbiographies.com and at www.nicaskew.com

“Like any living thing, the soul of an organization craves to be known. To be seen. To be used. And when properly cultivated, this soul can drive an organization to unexpected greatness, to extraordinarily profit, and to work additive to a better world.”

- Nic Askew, Series Film Maker

In NLP I talk about Deletions, Distortions, Generalisations. They make for faulty thinking, help us jump to erroneous conclusions, facilitate the making of false attributions and meanings. There is what happens, and the meaning we make about what happens. In the meanings we make of things we delete, distort and generalise often in unhelpful ways. The map is not the territory. Think of a time you reacted in an upset/angry/sad/frustrated way to something a family member said or did. As you think about it now, did you delete the good things that person has said/done which caused you then to think of them in a wholly negative way? Did you distort what they said/did in your mind to make it's impact bigger and therefore mean more and impact you in a more negative way? Did you generalise what they said/did and believe they 'always' say/do those things, they 'will never change' 'this will always happen' 'my life is never going to work' 'this relationship is never going to work', 'things will never change'. How we think affects how we feel. Notice your map of reality. Is it time for a change? My next NLP trainings are in August and October in the UK and in October in Gibraltar. Come join me! You'll be glad you did! And that's a promise! For anyone who books from this post 10% of your course fee will be donated to The Happiness Foundation. #Temple #NLP #Happiness #Success #Mindset #Peace #PeaceOfMind #RightMind #Neurotrancemitters #MindBody #Health #WellBeing #Confidence #Alignment #Power #Wisdom #Inspiration #Understanding #Compassion #Communication #Change ... See MoreSee Less

7 days ago

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Hello you Magnificents! The English mathematician and astrophysicist Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington said: 'The course of the world is not predetermined by physical laws ... The mind has the power to affect groups of atoms and even tamper with the odds of atomic behaviour.' Just think about that for a moment. And now focus your mind and your intention with laser-like precision on what you want to have happen .... And every day do the same. One wild and precious life. What is behind the door of the room you haven't lived into ...yet ... You remember my story don't you! And if you are reading this and don't yet know that story then it is time you came and did some glorious work with me 1-1 or sign up for my trainings or coaching and mentoring programmes! Time for a change! #Temple #Potentiality #Growth #Success #Happiness #Mindset #Happiness #SuccessPsychology #Mentoring #Coaching #Change #Evolution #TheHappinessFoundation #TempleOfSuccess ... See MoreSee Less

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You will not break loose until you realise that you yourself forge the chains that bind you. #GaryRenard (The Disappearance of the Universe)
Be your own freedom fighter! The keys to freedom are already within you! Take back control of your Queendom/Kingdom. Reclaim the sovereign territory of your life. One wild and precious life! Love to you today. Xxx #Temple #Freedom #Happiness #TheHappinessFoundation
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2 weeks ago

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The amazing Martin Luther King. Live your best life! What an inspiring man who truly made his one wild and precious life count. Powerful video! Watch and be inspired today! #Temple #MartinLutherKing #Inspiration #Happiness #LiveYourBestLife #BeTheChange #MakeADifference #Commitment #CreateYourLife #MakeYourLifeCount #Happiness #TheHappinessFoundation #KeepMoving #Choices #MakeWiseChoices
Martin Luther King Jr. - Keep Moving
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"Don't allow anybody to make you feel like you are nobody." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

3 weeks ago

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Louise Jordan-HallSuch a legend. Oliver Hall and Amber Lucy you have made a great start so keep these wonderful thoughts to keep your journeys going. Love as always xx☯️2 weeks ago

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An inspiring and thought-provoking TEDx talk - take 5 minutes and watch it. You will be glad you did. #Temple #Peace #Life #living #Dying #Regrets #Wishes #Happiness #Fulfillment #MakingADifference #TheHappinessFoundation #SuccessInLife #WhatMatters #NoRegrets
Matthew O'Reilly: An EMT's Answer To "Am I Going To Die?"
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An emergency medical technician describes what happens when a gravely hurt patient asks him: “Am I going to die?” Would you want to know the truth?

3 weeks ago

Did you know?

1 Depressed nurses on cardiac care units have a patient death-rate 4 times higher than on comparable units Happiness, affection, care, and warmth even in professional environments truly matters.
2Humans have limbic resonance. Our nervous systems are infected and affected by those who are around us. We are all tuned in to each other. We are mutually affected by and attuned to each other's internal emotional states. When a violin is played near an unplayed violin the unplayed violin closeby vibrates with the sounds of the played violin.
3We have 'mirror neurons' in our brains that fire and mirror the behaviour of others as though it is us doing the behaviour Mirror neurons help us understand the intentions and the actions of others
4Caterpillars have imaginal cells. They resonate at a different frequency. When the imaginal cells clump together in communities and pass information to each other there is a collective aha moment that creates a critical mass where the transformation occurs and the beautiful butterfly emerges. What happens when you use the amazing power of your imagination to imagine a future you want to live in? How might that help you vibrate and resonate at a different frequency? How might that vision pull you forward out of your cocoon and shift you into living your very best life as your best self? What amazing transformations are possible when we gather in communities and share information, creating collective aha moments that change everyone's world?

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