Have you found

the joy in your life?

Are you fulfilling

your life's potential?

Are you fulfilling

your life's potential?

Are you fulfilling

your life's potential?


Where you are seen, heard, and understood

One wild and precious life…

We help you live your best life, ignite your full potential, be happier and more successful, be healthier and wealthier, and leave a Legacy that lets you know your life really made a difference. We help you, your family and friends, and your work colleagues to have more meaning and purpose, more fun and freedom, and more influence and impact in the world. We help you make your life really count.

On Knowing Happiness

In this Soul Biography creative genius Nic Askew captures the soul of our Founder, Kathryn Temple.

You can find more of his work at www.soulbiographies.com and at www.nicaskew.com

β€œLike any living thing, the soul of an organization craves to be known. To be seen. To be used. And when properly cultivated, this soul can drive an organization to unexpected greatness, to extraordinarily profit, and to work additive to a better world.”

- Nic Askew, Series Film Maker

World Happiness Day tomorrow. Here's some ways to happier living. With love to you today. Xxx #Temple #Happiness #TheHappinessFoundation #LiveYourBestLife ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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Thank you to Andy Woodward and Zelda for my lovely flowers. Enjoyed making a difference. Loved presenting with Andy our vision for creating powerful change in the FA, EFL and PFA. #Temple #Dignity #AndyWoodward #Football #Abuse #Trauma #PTSD #StopAbuse #FA #EFL #PFA #FIFA #Empowerment #Evolution #Change #TheHappinessFoundation #MakingADifference #ChangingFutures ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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Thank you to BBC Radio Suffolk and Mark Murphy for making me their Resident Expert on Happiness :) #Temple #Happiness #TheHappinessFoundation #BBC #BBCRadio ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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Pernille Thomsen NeeshamCongratulations Kath πŸŽ‰πŸ’•2 weeks ago   ·  1

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I will be running Trainers Training in 2017 for the following courses for The Happiness Foundation:-
*Trauma Release - Recoding The Past, Empowering The Future
*PhoenixRising - Rise Up From Abuse
*Breaking The Cycle of Depression
*Overcoming Anxiety
*Busting Beliefs
*The Happiness Foundation for Children
*Happy Families
For an application form to train and be able to run these powerful workshops on our behalf email me: kath@thehappinessfoundation.co.uk
#Temple #TheHappinessFoundation #ChangingFutures #GreaterGood #BeTheChange
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2 weeks ago

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Angela FitzpatrickAre you doing EFT soon?2 weeks ago   ·  1
The Happiness FoundationI know you want to complete your EFT Afvanced Level 3. Summer training coming up and CPD/Supervision too. Xxx2 weeks ago

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The Huffington Post
I wrote an article for Happiness Magazine way back in 2008 with the headlines - Happiness Is An Inside Job and had great feedback from our readers about it. Here Jay Shetty shares the same powerful message - love it :) Watch and enjoy! With love to you today. Xxx #Temple #Happiness #InsideJob #InnerPeace #TheHappinessFoundation #ItsUpToYou #NoRegrets
Happiness is an inside job
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Jay Shetty urges us to redefine happiness.

3 weeks ago

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Irene RosenblattSo true . Thanks for sharing x2 weeks ago   ·  1

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Did you know?

1 Depressed nurses on cardiac care units have a patient death-rate 4 times higher than on comparable units Happiness, affection, care, and warmth even in professional environments truly matters.
2Humans have limbic resonance. Our nervous systems are infected and affected by those who are around us. We are all tuned in to each other. We are mutually affected by and attuned to each other's internal emotional states. When a violin is played near an unplayed violin the unplayed violin closeby vibrates with the sounds of the played violin.
3We have 'mirror neurons' in our brains that fire and mirror the behaviour of others as though it is us doing the behaviour Mirror neurons help us understand the intentions and the actions of others
4Caterpillars have imaginal cells. They resonate at a different frequency. When the imaginal cells clump together in communities and pass information to each other there is a collective aha moment that creates a critical mass where the transformation occurs and the beautiful butterfly emerges. What happens when you use the amazing power of your imagination to imagine a future you want to live in? How might that help you vibrate and resonate at a different frequency? How might that vision pull you forward out of your cocoon and shift you into living your very best life as your best self? What amazing transformations are possible when we gather in communities and share information, creating collective aha moments that change everyone's world?

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